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Mongolian flagship AMO leaves Ctg Port for UK

Published : 21 May 2022 09:16 PM

The Mongolian flagship AMO has left Chattogram Port for the UK port of Liverpool with 182 containers of export goods.  The ship will unload 57 single containers at the port of Liverpool and carry the remaining 125 containers to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.  On Friday afternoon, the ship unloaded 562 empty containers and loaded 182 units of export containers.  For the first time, the port of Chattogram created a new history by launching a direct shipping service with the ports of Northern Europe.

According to port sources, the ship left for the port of Chattogram on May 6 with 562 single empty containers from the Chinese port of Humen.  The ship, carrying an empty container, docked at CCT-1 jetty in Chattogram port on May 19 at noon.  Saif Powertec was in-charge-of handling the container of the ship.  After getting permission from Chattogram  Port, Alsace Global Logistics Company is launching three ships on this route.  Meanwhile, the Mongolian flagship AMO started its maiden voyage with export goods. The Liberian flagship San Alfonso is scheduled to arrive on May 30 and the Anitagua Barbuda flagship BBC Finland is expected to arrive in Chattogram on June 9.

 Capt. Syed Sohail Hasnat, CEO of Phoenix Shipping Limited, said that with the launch of direct shipping service on this route, it will be possible to export goods to the UK within 22 days from Chattogram port.

It is learned that Alsace Global Logistics Company, a UK freight forwarding and shipping company, has taken initiative to launch this service directly with Northern Europe.  Phoenix Shipping Limited is acting as its Bangladeshi agent.

Capt. Tanvir of Saif Powertec, a terminal operator in charge of container handling at the port's CCT, NCT, said the MV AMO left the CCT-1 jetty in the morning with 182 TEUs in 100 containers.  The ship has been given priority in berthing.  The ship left the port within 24 hours.