Misty Jannat distributes mask, hand sanitizer, soap and rice

Coronavirus panic is now spread all around the world. Meanwhile, the virus has infected Bangladesh. In addition to several cases being documented, some have already died.  

Many offices and courts, including educational institutions in the country, have already been closed to combat Coronavirus. Coronavirus has also affected Bangladesh's showbiz yard. All kinds of shootings have already been stopped.

Besides, the stars are posting various posts about Corona on their Facebook. They advise staying home and following the rules. In this crisis, actor-doctor Misty Jannat has created a unique example by standing beside the common people.

She is staying at home being aware of coronavirus infection. However, through the initiative of the general public and through a forum of doctors, the artiste gave two thousand masks, hand sanitizer and 2,000 soap for free to the public.

She distributed them at Shahbag and Shyamoli yesterday. Besides, today, on March 26, she will personally distribute 300 kg rice among the poor and helpless along with masks, hand sanitizer and soap. In addition to the initiative of the doctors' forum ‘Being Human Doctors Group’, hundreds of kilograms of rice will be distributed among the common people.

Misty Jannat said, "I am not working as an artiste or a doctor. I'm helping people as a human being. I learned social service from my parents. This is being done with my personal initiative and 'Being Human Doctors Group’. We wish everyone the best of luck.”

She added, “If any of you can't come out to help with the terror, you can tell us. We will work for you. I would like to call on all those in the society, to help from whatever place they may be.”