Miraz in Jhenaidah receives Ansar VDP medal, crest

Published : 10 Jun 2022 10:56 PM

Miraz Zaman Raj, a volunteer member of the Ansar and village defense party (VDP), also an eminent social worker in Jhenaidah, was awarded with Ansar VDP medal for his outstanding performances. He received the best prize for a golden medal marking 42nd gathering of the forces on Wednesday. 

Deputy Director of the forces in Jhenaidah Ashiquzzaman, on behalf of the director general (DG) of the law enforcing agency, had conferred a gold medal, certificate and prize money in a simple ceremony. 

Jahida Begum, the mother of Raj among other family members present in the ceremony.

Miraz Zaman Raj in his reaction said the prize and medal that he had received, will sacrificed for the members of the Ansar and VDP who had sacrificed themselves in achieving the liberty of the country against Pakistani occupying forces in 1971. He will also spend the money for the welfare of the distressed people in his area. 

Ansar VDP Deputy Director Ashiquzzaman in his speech said Miraz Zaman Raj has been playing role in providing services for the people with his relentless activities for a long. This sort of activities will encourage people in rendering voluntary services for the ailing people. He also praised for Raj as he had received a number of medals and prized including the president medal for his voluntary activities, Ashiquzzaman added.

Jhenaidah press club president M Raihan, general secretary Mahmdud Hasan Tipu and other executive members had welcomed the organized by the Ansar and VDP.