MEZ to create 4 lakhs job

This project will help foster economic growth and alleviate poverty

Published : 16 Jan 2022 09:04 PM

Mirsarai Economic Zone (MEZ), an upcoming smart industrial city, will create four lakh job opportunities soon. Besides, it will attract huge amount of local and foreign investments because it is said that the zone has the potential to become the most successful industrial hub of the country. Reportedly, the zone will be developed in 30 phases by 2030. And it will be the country’s first self-contained economic zone as it will have park, sea port, residential area, power plant, hospital, school and university. In this regard, the government has already invited tenders for three phases for the development of about 2,000 acres of land out of a total of 30,000 acres.

MEZ will be an important investment hub and 

it would play a vital role in fulfilling the 

investment prospects of  the country

MEZ will be an important investment hub and it would play a vital role in fulfilling the investment prospect of the country through establishing world-class business and industrial center and attracting the local and foreign investors. We believe Bangladesh will have the opportunity to earn billions of dollars from MEZ.

If everything happens as per the plan, the construction works will be completed within the timeframe. Work on road construction, power plant installation and earth-filling are going in a quicker pace there. Besides, development work, like the construction of a four-lane road inside the zone and 18.5-kilometer long two-lane marine driveway with a protection embankment is going on inside and near the MEZ. 

The government is eyeing to generate some one crore employment opportunities and boost export earnings by around $40 billion through the establishment of countrywide 100 economic zones by 2030. It has already undertaken various realistic steps to ensure fast industrialisation, generate employments and boost production and export earnings. Therefore, we hope our country will not lag behind anymore as it is moving forward at an indomitable pace.