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Captivating Kaptai Lake

Published : 13 Oct 2019 08:12 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 11:45 AM

Kaptai is Bangladesh’s largest artificial lake which was created in1960 for the purpose of making a hydroelectric project. Dotted with islands, it has captivated the minds of tourists with its stunning views. Commonly boats are the best means of travelling across the crystal blue water. Bengali and international sightseers often opt to travel to Kptai while visiting Chattogram.

Most of the tourists favour visiting Shuvalong Falls which is about 90 minutes away. Even though it is a bit more than trickle all throughout the year, the best part of visiting the falls is the trip by boat. It is quite fabulous and while crossing the biggest stretch of the lake the polka dot like islands are very much interesting to see.

Another interesting part of Kaptai is the low suspended hanging bridge. This is another popular boat ride destination at Kaptai. The small Chakma islands at the other end of Rangamati are another popular boat stop, although, like the Hanging Bridge, they can also be reached by land.

The creation of the 725 square kilometre lake was due to the establishment of Kaptai Hydroelectric Power Plant, in 1960, and ever since, it has been the source and medium for economic, transportation, and tourism-related activities for the local people.