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Mega projects to boost country’s economy

Published : 31 Dec 2020 08:27 PM

Bangladesh is now well recognized for its unprecedented economic growth, progress in poverty reduction, education, health and communication sectors.

The once poverty-stricken country is today an 'emerging tiger' of Asia. The tide of development is everywhere from the capital to remote villages. Soon, after a few years when the ongoing mega projects are completed, the overall scenario of the country's economy is expected to a get a huge boost, said some economists. 

World Bank former lead economist Zahid Hussain said that mega projects should be completed in speedy way as it can play a positive role for the country’s economic development after the coronavirus pandemic. 

The government has given top priority to implementing mega projects, ushering optimism about seeing positive changes in people’s livelihood and boosting the country‘s economic growth. 

The principal secretary of Prime Minister, Dr Ahmad Kaikaus after a recent meeting at the PMO told the media, “The Prime Minister has given strict instructions on mega projects. The premier has also instructed that the works of the projects should not be stopped for any reason. She said there would be no shortage of funds to implement the mega projects”.  

Despite the stand-still situation of the world caused by the pandemic, some of the mega projects’ works did not stop for a day. Maintaining the proper health safety rules, the authorities concerned conducted the construction work safely. 

Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, these gigantic infrastructure construction mega projects would significantly develop the country's communications, transportation, ports and energy sectors by 2030 and help the country to achieve reaching the status of upper mid-income country by 2041.

To be a developed country massive infrastructural construction work is continuing across the country. Bangladesh dreams of becoming a developed country.

The aim of the present government is to take the country to a developed country by 2041. In this continuation, work is underway on 10 mega projects to take the country on the highways of developed countries. 

Padma Bridge

The dream of Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been materialised with the installation of the very last (41st) span on Thursday last week. The bridge will open for use in March 2022 and by that time the construction of the rail track on the lower deck and road on the upper deck will be completed, bridge division sources said.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader after installing all the spans over the pillars said, “Some 1,333 slabs out of 2,917 have already been installed over the spans. Similarly, 1,942 railway sleepers out of 2,959 have already been installed. Till now 82.50 percent of the total construction work has been done and 91 percent of the construction works of the main bridge is complete.” 

Now the authorities concerned are looking forward to complete the rest of the construction work at earliest. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also instructed to complete work early. 

Padma Rail Link project

The 173-kilometre broad gauge rail tracks Padma Rail Link project is being implemented at a cost of Tk 39,246 crore on a G2G basis with funding from the Chinese government.

From the beginning to August this year, the project expense is Tk 9088 crore. The overall physical progress of the project is 15.2 percent and the financial progress is 23.15 percent.

The rail line will connect Jashore and Dhaka via the Padma Bridge. 

Dohazari- Cox’s Bazar Rail Line

Single Line Dual Gauge Track Construction Project to Dohazari to Cox's Bazar via Ghumdhum. This project is being implemented at a cost of Taka 18,034 crore with the funding of Asian Development Bank (ADB). The overall physical progress of the project has been 11 percent and the financial progress has been 23.15 percent. 

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is one of the costliest projects in the country’s history. The cost of the project is Tk 1,13,092 crore. The project is scheduled to complete by 2025. 

Despite pandemic, the first reactor and pressure vessel of the first unit of the plant has already arrived in the country. Until now the project has gained around 30 percent construction progressed. 

Rampal Power plant

The Rampal Power plant is being constructed by a joint venture project of Bangladesh and India. The cost is Tk 16,000 crore. The overall progress of the project is 11 percent and the financial progress is 17.76 percent.

Matarbari Power plant

The Japanese government is funding Matarbari Power plant project at a cost of Tk 35,984 crore. Under the project, the work of package 1.1 power plant and other facilities has been completed. The work of plant and port facilities under package 1.2 has been 20.16 percent so far. 

Dhaka Metrorail

The Metrorail project is being implemented in the capital at a cost of Tk 21,985 crore with the funding of the Japanese government. The financial progress of the project from the beginning to August has been 23.22 percent and expected to complete the project by 2024. 

The 11.29 km MRT-6 from Uttara to Agargaon portion is expected to complete within next year.  

Managing director of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) M.A.N. Siddique told media that those involved in the project construction work would be brought under vaccination to keep the work going on smoothly.

“We hope we can achieve our goals. Planning is there to try a test run of metro rail in April for that purpose”, he added.

Payra deep-sea Port

The under construction Payra deep-sea port has been divided into 19 components. Of these, seven components are being implemented through the concerned ministries, six components are being implemented through PPP and six components are being implemented through G-to-G system. 

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel

Bangabandhu Tunnel is being constructing in Chattogram to connect with Anowara point following ‘One City- Two Town’ model. After completing the first tube, now the dragging work of the second tube of the tunnel has started from the edge of Anwara.

The total length of the proposed tunnel will be around 9.39 kilometres, including 3.32 kilometres of the main tunnel under the Karnaphuli River. It also includes an approach road of 4.89 kilometres alongside 740 metres of bridges.  The estimated cost of the tunnel is Taka 10,374.42 crores, where Chinese Exim Bank will provide 5,913.19 crores.