Mega plan to make country hi-tech hub

Devise measures to attract more foreign investments

Published : 20 Nov 2021 09:17 PM | Updated : 23 Nov 2021 10:41 AM

Digitalisation in every aspect of life is not only helping us economically but also propelling us towards more sustainable solutions in every phase. People are now getting their desired services through digital platforms, students are learning online, farmers in remote areas can learn the prices of their farm products. Record keeping and financial, administrative, judicial, and many other auxiliary services as well are now obtained through using IT.

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Under the umbrella of the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City in Gazipur, Bangladesh is going to be an electronics device manufacturing country for local and foreign hardware companies. Five more such parks including Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City across the country are ready to receive investment

The government needs to take necessary 

measures to encourage more foreign 

companies to invest more in Bangladesh

Till now, the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City in Gazipur has already been able to attract 120.76 million US dollar investment as the government provides incentives for investment in technology sector, official data shows.

The government needs to take necessary measures to encourage more foreign companies to invest more in Bangladesh. More relaxations of tax restrictions are needed to attract more FDIs. The government needs to provide an open, translucent, and reliable circumstances for all kinds of firms, whether foreign or domestic. This includes ease of doing business, relatively flexible labour markets, and protection of property rights. We can also launch a promotional campaign to attract foreign entrepreneurs to invest here.

Bangladesh has to be quick in gripping the prospect of improving trade policies and making them more FDI-friendly. All in all, trade policies are needed to be investment-friendly and the overall investment environment should also be enhanced to attract more foreign investments.

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