Meditation and exercise help beat depression

Published : 20 May 2022 08:15 PM

"When your neighbor loses his job, it's recession, what happens when you lose is depression ," said Ronald Reagan, a former US president. But the one who falls into the trap of depression, he is the only one who understands the pain and heartache. As people are losing themselves in the throes of innumerable pleasures and new technologies, the prevalence of depression is increasing all over the world.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 350 million people worldwide are currently victims of various forms of depression. It is no longer limited to a certain age. 'The average age of depression in the 80's was 29 years, now it has come down to 14.

The National College Health Survey of the United States conducted an investigation into the prevalence of depression among college students in that country. Horrible information came out of this large scale study conducted for several years. Forty-five percent of college students in the United States are moderately depressed. Some 80 percent are at risk of depression.

Based on the research report published on the causes, remedies and effective ways of preventing depression have been identified. Scientists have pointed out some ways to prevent and cure depression.

Lack of deep sleep is one of the major causes of depression. The relationship between sleep and depression is reversed. Depression interferes with sleep, and shallow sleep pushes towards it. In other words, if sleep is not good, the level of depression increases, and the higher the level, the more the sleep is damaged. This is a vicious cycle that, if carried on for some time, can lead to even worse.

It is essential to get enough sleep every day. The exact amount of sleep you get depends on your lifestyle and age. Researchers say that an average of six hours of sleep a day is normal.

The relationship between the psychological and physical well-being of the body has been studied. That being said, there has been a revolution in research. As a result, psychologists are realizing in a new way the importance of physical exertion for the betterment of the mind.

Michelle Bubiak, a researcher at Duke Medical University in the United States, and her colleagues conducted a study. The study selected 156 patients with severe depression who had been suffering from insomnia and hunger for a long time, and even thought of committing suicide.

The researchers divided 156 people into three groups. The first group was advised to do light exercise for half an hour three days a week. The second group is given conventional drugs used in the treatment of depression. The third group is advised to take both medicine and medicine.

Four months later the results were unprecedented. Out of the three groups, 80% of the people have improved their condition. Proven to be just as effective in treating depression as exercise.

No, this is not the end. After six months of follow-up, the patients were followed up. The report found that 36 percent of those who had taken the drug and 31 percent of those who had taken both exercise and medication had relapsed into depression. And for those who have just exercised, the relapse rate is only 9 percent.

In conclusion, exercise is more effective in the long run than medication in preventing depression. Researchers say that thousands of studies have now shown that exercise is the best way to improve our mental and physical well-being and the best way to prevent depression.

Meditation is a tried and tested method for our overall well-being. After a long observation, scientists are ruling that meditation is the best tool to get rid of anxiety and depression. Through various experiments with the help of modern medical equipment, they have been able to understand the structure and dynamics of regular meditation practitioners.

An important part of the human body is the prefrontal cortex. The ones on the left are happier. The right side is more of a siege to those who are a bit depressed, depressed. With the help of EEG and MRI, scientists who regularly observe meditation practitioners say that the left side of their prefrontal cortex is more sensitive. They are just as strong and resilient in the face of negative emotions.

Researchers say that in order to reap the benefits of meditation, it is not necessary to practice it all day long like the home-grown Dhagi Sanna Dhasis, but even 15 minutes of meditation a day can bring about the desired change.

Controlling blood sugar levels is an effective measure to prevent depression. Even if the sugar-value of R3 decreases, the black cloud of sadness can accumulate in the sky of the mind. 

Usually not allowing the amount of sugar to increase excessively will be the best way to prevent sugar-depletion. Not more than once, but the same amount of sugar should be eaten throughout the day in portions. In addition to protein and fat, we want fiber foods (at least 12 grams per thousand calories).

Which is your favourite job, you know best. It is important to find the job of your choice, the joy of that job never ends. Maybe it's time to draw, write, play sports or do self-development work and work for people.

Mother Teresa said, "The feeling of loneliness and lack of love is the most terrible poverty." It can be said that modern people are suffering from that poverty. There is an endless abundance of so much money, but the number of people living without love is increasing.

This is one of the main reasons for the rise in the rate of depression in today's world, say researchers. Not only social relations, but also the warmth of family relations. Extreme stress, TV and all kinds of technology are greatly affecting our favourite relationship.

However, experts have termed spending time with friends and neighbors as a social way of life. They said that it is more important for the poor people to be sad. Again, those who get depressed, they also want to be alone. It does not cure depression.

So spend time with family, experience happiness and sorrow with everyone. Do something for charity. Depression will not get a chance to approach you.

Popular African proverb says if you want to go to fast , go alone, and if you want to go far, take everyone with you.

Dr. Zahiruddin Ahmed is Consultant, Psychiatric Department, United Hospital