Medical wastes going into rivers causing health risks in Kishoreganj

Published : 20 Dec 2022 07:35 PM

In Kishoreganj, the medical waste of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers is being mixed with general waste and handed over. This is hampering the process of destruction of medical waste. Before being sterilized, these medical wastes are going to the general waste bin. And without purification, the liquid waste is mixed in various rivers and streams. People are facing serious health risks due to such mismanagement of waste.

Experts say that many diseases including hepatitis B and C, various skin diseases and inflammation of the respiratory system can spread from these wastes.

A few doctors who did not wish to be named said that the scope of the medical system has increased to a great extent, along with a huge amount of medical waste is being generated constantly.

Most of these wastes are more or less infectious and can promote disease transmission. Medical waste must be identified as a major cause of public health and environmental disaster. Otherwise the treatment will not be effective.

It has been seen in various places of the district that medical waste hazardous to public health is supposed to be segregated, but it is not being followed. Like general waste, waste from hospitals and diagnostic centers, clinics are also being segregated. 90 percent of the waste generated by the institutions is dumped in open dustbins on the side of the road, drains or adjacent rivers. These wastes, which are seriously harmful to public health, include blood-soaked cotton and gauze bandages, used syringes, needles, blood bags, saline bags, and even infected organs separated from the human body. It has been seen on the ground that even though there is a system of separate disposal of medical waste in Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital and Kishoreganj 250 bed General Hospital, the cleaners throw it away with general waste. Tokai hawkers collect these medical wastes and sell them to thrift shops. As per the Medical Waste (Management and Processing) Rules, these infectious wastes have to be destroyed. However, even if there is a law, due to the lack of supervision, it is not being implemented.

When asked about this, Senior Chemist of Kishoreganj Environment Directorate Rubaiyat Tahrim Sourav said that if hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers do not dispose of medical waste in a proper manner, then with the cooperation of the district administration, other necessary legal measures including mobile court will be taken according to the rules of medical waste management and processing.

Kishoreganj Municipality Mayor Md. Parvez Mia said, "The medical waste of the hospital is brought by my cleaners. We will bring the medical waste once our dumping system is operational in January. Clinic Association destroys medical waste from clinics. Civil Surgeon Dr. Saiful Islam said that each clinic and diagnostic center will manage and process their medical waste. If a clinic and diagnostic center does not dispose of waste properly, complaints will be investigated and action will be taken.