MCU's new ‘Wolverine’ casting addressed by ‘Deadpool 3’ writers

Published : 29 Jun 2022 07:56 PM | Updated : 29 Jun 2022 07:56 PM

The Direct

‘Deadpool 3’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick comment on who should be cast as Wolverine in the MCU. Reese and Wernick are the writers behind the first two Deadpool films, as well as Zombieland, Life, and the Netflix movies 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds and Spiderhead with Chris Hemsworth. It was recently announced that Free Guy director Shawn Levy will direct Deadpool 3, which will serve as Deadpool's introduction into the MCU, as he was first introduced in Fox's X-Men franchise before it was bought by Disney.

Wolverine is another character that began his cinematic roots at the now defunct 20th Century Fox, which produced all of the X-Men films, including the Wolverine-centered spinoffs. Hugh Jackman famously played the adamantium-clawed mutant for the franchise, appearing in nearly all of the X-titled films, as well as three solo-movies, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, and Logan. Ironically, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson was first introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, albeit in a less than spectacular way, which has become an in-joke for the Deadpool franchise.

As Jackman's version of the character died in Logan and Disney now owns the character, it's only a matter of time before Wolverine reappears in the MCU, but just how that happens and who will be wielding the claws is anyone's guess. Talking to the Post-Credits Podcast (via The Direct), Reese and Wernick jokingly offer some suggestions on who should play the new Logan, saying it should be "someone shorter this time," while tossing out names like Zach Galifianakis and Patton Oswalt. Taking a more serious tone, they give a more honest appraisal of the casting, saying they "don’t have any inside information" on who it could actually be.

Reese and Wernick also admit that it doesn't really matter what they think, as their faith is in Kevin Feige when it comes to MCU casting, saying, “Oh, don’t worry, they’ll play their cards right, you know, Kevin Feige, he knows what he’s doing over there. He doesn’t need any of our opinions.” The writers are currently busy punching up the Deadpool 3 movie script, which they say will be a fish-out-of-water story, dropping a lunatic (Deadpool) into the sane world that is the MCU. The writers have a number of projects on the way, including Ghosted with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas and a TV series adaptation of the video game Twisted Metal starring Neve Campbell, Anthony Mackie, and Will Arnett.

Fan-casting for Wolverine has been rampant since Logan closed out Jackman's run on the character, and with the MCU still seemingly not even close to introducing the X-Men, the speculation grows with each passing day. Everyone from Taron Egerton to Chris Evans to ex-Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and beyond has been mentioned as potential choices to play the character, but there have been zero hints from anyone at Marvel.