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‘Matrix 4’ trailer reveals more footage of Neo in real world

Published : 02 Dec 2021 07:32 PM | Updated : 02 Dec 2021 07:32 PM

The latest trailer for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ puts a confusing twist on Neo's latest adventure by making it a movie within a movie. The last ‘Matrix’ movie debuted in 2003 and offered a conclusive ending to the battle between humans and machines. Despite that, interest in another installment pushed director Lana Wachowski to return to the immersive sci-fi world she created with her sister Lilly. ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ will arrive in theaters and on HBO Max this month after being delayed from earlier this year by the coronavirus pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, plot specifics for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ are still being kept tightly under wraps. However, as the first trailer for the film confirmed, chosen one Neo (Keanu Reeves) has somehow been integrated back into the ‘Matrix’ - and so has his trusty partner Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). However, with the help of a (potentially) alternate Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and figures like newcomer Bugs (Jessica Henwick), Neo will once again learn the truth behind his surroundings as a new conflict brews.

With The Matrix Resurrections getting closer and closer to release every day, promotional effort are starting up in earnest. Thanks to The Matrix Brasil, two new TV spots for the film have been shared online, offering thrilling peeks at Neo and Trinity's returns. Interestingly, the second of the two trailers ends with the characters watching themselves as they cause a helicopter crash on television. 

The movie-in-a-movie aspect puts a meta twist on ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, though it isn't clear if that is actually a part of the film itself or a marketing trick. It could be that when Neo and Trinity are watching the explosive scene on the roof, they are outside the ‘Matrix’ and are being offered a glimpse at what they did inside it. That adds a unique angle to their strategizing in this new conflict.     Collider