Master plan to combat militants

Forge national unity to make it successful

Published : 29 Oct 2021 08:59 PM | Updated : 01 Nov 2021 10:50 AM

With a master plan the members of Anti Terrorism Unit (ATU), a specialized unit of Bangladesh Police, are now at field to root out militancy and terrorism from the country. The members of the specialized unit have already intensified carrying out anti-militancy raids across the country. Therefore, we hope that the special police unit will be able to do so with success. It needs no emphasising that we need more steps to uproot the fundamentalist groups to build a healthy society with communal harmony.

According to the master plan, six teams have been created for the specialised unit. These include Special Weapons and Tactics, Crime Scene Investigation Team, Bomb Explosion Investigation Team, Crisis Emergency Response Team, Explosive Disposal Unit, and K-Nine Squad or Dog Squad. Besides, ATU specialised unit has also two research cells to conduct research on militancy and other heinous crimes.

It is time to uproot fundamentalist elements 

from Bangladesh to make the country’s 

progress sustainable

The ATU is playing a vital role to bring those involved in spreading anti-state rumours and misleading information and pictures through using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to book within the shortest possible time. The specialised unit has already collected information about 1219 militants from the country’s different divisions and it has also prepared their profiles completely. Of the militants, some are now on bail, some are languishing in jails and the rest went into hiding. Our goal is to uproot fundamentalist elements from Bangladesh to make the country’s progress sustainable. In this regard, role of police especially ATU is very crucial as it has been empowered with a nationwide jurisdiction to combat militancy and terrorism.

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According to confessional statements given by the arrested persons, the criminals are trying to collect firearms from two bordering areas through river and deep forests routes, says a report. We think it is just a political plot created by some rival political parties, those who pursued fundamental politics in Bangladesh to destabilise the country. 

Therefore, apart from the law enforcement agencies, national unity will also have to be forged against terrorism and militancy and work together with dedication and motto of self-sacrifice to retain the unity upholding the spirit of the Liberation War.

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