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Maria, Mawla on Indian platform

Published : 08 Oct 2021 08:13 PM | Updated : 09 Oct 2021 05:37 PM

G-Five, India's popular OTT platform, has unveiled the new web film titled ‘Herey Jaowar Golpo’ starring Shamol Mawla and Maria Nur, Directed by Mehdi Hassan Johnny. Although he has been praised for making many dramas on television or YouTube, this is his first work for OTT. 

The web film titled ‘Herey Jaowar Golpo’ was released on Thursday October 7. Saberi Alam, Samira Khan Mahi, Leuna Luvina, Hridoy Amin and others have also acted in it.

Director Mehdi Hassan Johnny said, 'I have always tried to give something new to the audience through my creations. Since this is my first job for OTT, I have tried my best to give my best.

Regarding the context Maria said, ‘This is my first job with the director as well as with Shamol Vaiyar. First of all, the work is very special. "It's a wonderful story," she said. As the name implies, it is a story of learning to live. Many of us may or may not have given up on life at some point in our lives. But there are many of us who know how to live with a smile in the midst of hundreds of hardships in life. Teach others to live too. I think viewers can learn something new from such a story.’

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