Many leaving cities facing financial hardship

Job creation must be prioritised

The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the economy of Bangladesh and every country in the world. Particularly hard-hit are the lower and middle class people living in urban areas of the country. Many have lost their source of income while others have experienced significant reductions in their source of income. 

As a result, those living in urban areas are being forced to return to their hometowns. These individuals and families are no longer able to bear the expense of living in cities. 

According to a survey, 60 percent of the residents of metropolitan cities are tenants. These people are being forced to leave the cities as they can no longer continue to pay rents to their home owners.

In the coming months, the government 

must focus on job creation in every 

region of the country

In such a situation many homes and flats went vacant in last couple of months as the occupants left emptying the homes. A recent BIDS survey revealed that 13 per cent of those working in the formal sector have lost their jobs in coronavirus situation.

Moreover, the overall income has decreased on average by 47.26 per cent. Majority of the big cities population are made up of people who had come from the rural areas in search of a better life and better work opportunities. 

The coronavirus has resulted in many of such people losing their source of income. In some families, the bread-earner has passed away due to coronavirus. In such a situation, these families have no other option but to return to their hometowns. 

In the coming months, the government must focus on job creation in every region of the country. Revival of the post-corona economy remains a top priority for the government and one can only hope that the situation improves for countless lower and middle class families of the country.