Many flat owners refuse medical professionals

Many medical professionals engaged in providing treatment to Covid-19 patients in hospitals in Chattogram are finding it extremely hard to rent houses.

Home owners, in most cases, refuse to rent out their flats or houses to the tenants despite flats remaining empty for months. For obvious reasons the flat owners fear that they might be infected by coronavirus from occupancy of such medical professionals like doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others also engaged in hospital duties.

Despite repeated complaints to the authorities concerned are said to be ignoring the issue. Many complaints against flat owners are allegedly disregard despite filing official complaints.

It is learnt that there is a surveillance team at the departmental administration level of the government to deal with such complaints. However, no one lodges any complaint there. As a result, these allegations are officially ignored by the administration.

Dr Sheikh Fazle Rabbi, Civil Surgeon and member secretary of the surveillance committee said, “If no formal complaint is received, there is slim chances of investigation or action against anyone.”

Although the committee was formed in the first half of June to monitor the activities of private hospitals and isolation centres where such medical professionals are supposed to live for safety and security reasons, no action was taken against anyone.

There is a field hospital and three corona isolation centres in Chattogram. But Isolation centres are facing various adversities, especially to find residents for doctors and other staff. Three other private hospitals also treated and tested Covid-19 patients.
Meanwhile, organizers of a corona isolation centres are getting a lot of confidence after ensuring accommodation for doctors.

The doctors who are treating corona patients with high risk of infection are now struggling to ensure their isolated accommodations. There are several cases in port city that doctors are being threatened to leave the residents by the landlords.
Every time Doctors of isolation centres are asking after a few days to find another place for living somewhere. Some organizers of isolation centres informed this reporter.