Man jailed, fined for illegally extracting sand in Thakurgaon

A mobile court has imposed a fine of Tk 50,000 on a man and sentenced him to one-month imprisonment for illegally extracting sand from a pond by installing a excavator machine in the pond.

The convicted person is identified as Raja. On Tuesday afternoon, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Golam Rabbani Sardar conducted the mobile court and handed down the sentence.

At that time, a mobile court seized 1 JD machine of 33 horse power, 35 pipes, 1 excavator and 20,000 CFT sand used for sand extraction.

The convicted Raja is the son of Abdur Rahman of Gauripur village in Jagannathpur union of Thakurgaon Sadar upazila. Assistant Commissioner Executive Magistrate Golam Rabbani Sardar said it was an offense to illegally extract underground sand by pumping or dredging under Section 5 (1) of the Sand and Land Management Act 2010. Under section 15 (1) of the law, Raja was fined Tk 50,000 and sentenced to one-month imprisonment.