Make Dhaka liveable

Prioritise the people

The duration of Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (DMDP) previously was 20 years, ranging from 1995 to 2015. It consisted three main parts namely, Structure Plan for the whole city area, Urban Area Plan and Detailed Area Plan (DAP). The structure plan was a general plan which mainly dealt with transportation network, housing and utility services, commercial and residential areas, wetlands and water retention areas, and so on which was outlined. To implement any master plan or structure plan, DAP is a must. But the formulation of this DAP took thirteen years without any concrete proof of implementation. 

However, what came out of the 20 year time period was inconsistency in the proper implementation of the DAP. Originally, some decisions taken in the DAP were implemented and gained fruition but several others were bogged down under the protest of real estate owners and groups with keen interest. Even though later a review committee of seven ministers was formed no real ground was covered to take the plan across the field. 

The protection of flood flow zones,

 canals, rivers and flood water retention

 areas is a priority in the master plan

At present, there are a number of flyovers, metro rail under construction, but these are only a fraction of the totality of the master plan to make the capital a liveable, prosperous and resilient mega city. However, prior to this the plan was formulated without taking in the opinion of urban experts and other relevant stakeholders. Even the local public representatives were not adequately informed about the plan.

The protection of flood flow zones, canals, rivers and flood water retention areas is a priority in the master plan. It is good to know that recently the LGRD Minister has talked of the necessity to implement the Dhaka City Master Plan. Development activities like drinking water and waste management, sewerage and water treatment are very much challenging but once implemented these will make Dhaka much more liveable. Following this, the incorporation of housing projects with these amenities, the exponent of development will reach sky high. So a quick and efficient implementation of the master plan is a must for the country. Also, any vested groups of real state owners and land grabbers should be kept in check by authorities concerned to counter any form of delay in the project.