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‘Mahfuz Canvas’ initiatives encourage self-taught Bangladeshi artists to exhibit their artworks in Dubai

Published : 10 Aug 2022 09:19 PM

‘Mahfuz Canvas’ is the self-taught Bangladeshi artist's platform founded by reputed internationally recognized famous Bangladeshi artist Mahfuzur Rahman, who took initiatives, for the Bangladeshi Self-taught artists, to showcase their artworks at the First edition of "Annual Student Art Show" in Dubai, in collaboration with UAE's largest Art group "Funun Arts" at the end of October 2022. This event has the theme of United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mahfuzur Rahman thanked Funun Arts for selecting him as Art Ambassador and Mentor for Bangladeshi Artists in order to provide a platform abroad, particularly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Shiba Khan and Farah Khan are the founders of Funun Arts, a vibrant community of art galleries, visual arts, designers, photographers, and creative brains. This is an essential platform for emerging artists, cultural practitioners, creative entrepreneurs, and homegrown initiatives. It is a non-profit platform where artists can exhibit their talents in an affordable space which allows them the freedom to enhance their creativity. Funun Arts Group exhibits both locally and internationally collaborating with galleries and participating in international art fairs and doing several shows in UAE. Now more than six hundred multinational artists are part of this art community. Funun Arts is a one-stop solution which creates a bridge between artists, art collectors, art enthusiasts, architects, and interior designers.

Mahfuz Canvas is a platform for underprivileged Bangladeshi self-taught artists, who seek national and international acclaim. Mahfuzur Rahman, the founder of Mahfuz Canvas, stated that, “Although Bangladeshi self-taught artists are harassed and ignored in many ways by a group of individuals, this results in these artists to having to lose their interest in Art.”

To provide them equal opportunity, Mahfuz Canvas was founded in 2019, and since then, he has organized numerous national events and exhibitions. He stated that, it is now time for these self-taught Bangladeshi artists to receive international recognition. He also mentioned that, he is a self-taught artist who found that if the quality of the art is up to par, it will receive international recognition. As a result, he has won numerous international awards and been recognized by many top-tier international media and juries of a reputable gallery in the United States. Mahfuzur Rahman is the first Bangladeshi artist to ever participate in the UAE’s largest and most prestigious art fair, "World Art Dubai" in 2022, both as a solo artist as well as a group participant with Funun Arts. Mahfuzur Rahman relocated to Dubai for professional reasons and pursued his painting as a hobby. Since 2020, he has participated in all the art events organized by Funun Arts Group. He believes that Funun Arts Group treats all the artists like family, and their hospitality artists is unparalleled. Funun Arts has appointed Mahfuzur Rahman as the Art Ambassador and Mentor for Bangladeshi artists.

Funun Arts Group is organizing the largest theme based "Annual Student Art Show" in Dubai at the end of October 2022, wherein they are anticipating that more than 70 nationalities of students from across the world will participate with more than 400 paintings, at least 25 of which will be from Bangladeshi artists. Bangladeshi artists can easily register for this "Student Art Show" event by visiting Mahfuz Canvas is entirely funding this event for Bangladeshi artists in order to provide them with international exposure through physical art exhibition at the foreign land.

As part of the plan, Mahfuz Canvas has already taken the initiative with Funun Arts Group, to showcase the artworks of fifty Bangladeshi artists in Dubai to celebrate the 51st Victory Anniversary of Bangladesh in December 2022. These paintings will symbolize Bangladeshi culture, developments, and skills. The event's circular will shortly be circulated in Bangladesh. 

Mahfuz Canvas also intended to participate in Qatar International Art Fair in 2022, World Art Dubai in 2023, and other art exhibitions in Dubai and internationally along with Funun Arts Group. He has already appointed Brand Ambassadors, including Muntasir Haque Moon who is a prominent Bangladeshi self-taught artist and calligrapher, KhadizatuSl Qubra and Akil Mahbub Lian enthusiastic self-taught creative concept artist; more Brand Ambassadors will be added, according to Mahfuzur Rahman to enrich and spread the knowledge of painting to the Bangladeshi self-taught artists.

Mahfuz Canvas has already title sponsored Color Flow Art Exhibition organized by Hussain Art Gallery at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Magical Brush Season 2 organized by AllStar Group at Saifuddin Shilpalay, Art Exhibition organized by Shilpo Bangla group at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, and Way to Artistry Dream organized by Photographers Dream BD Group at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in order to continue encouraging self-taught Bangladeshi artists in 2022. Mahfuzur Rahman stated that he and his teammate Masuka Nourin, together with Farhan Mushfik, are putting in their best efforts to assist underprivileged Bangladeshi self-taught artists from almost every corner. He also stated that his team is developing Artist Grant Program and Artist Residency Program in Dubai from Mahfuz Canvas for self-taught Bangladeshi artists.