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Lyricists raise five demands

Published : 26 Jun 2020 07:31 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 11:19 PM

The lyricists, the creators of the songs, have been the victims of various irregularities for a long time and have been deprived of logical rights and due respect. Lyricist Julfikar Rasel made five demands to singers on behalf of lyricists who are deprived of their rights in various ways.

He posted the demands on social media on behalf of all lyricists. People involved in music as well as people of different classes and professions have agreed to the post. Not only that, many have expressed the view that the demands of the lyricists should be implemented quickly. Five demands of Julfikar Rasel are shared below—

Congratulations, over a hundred singers have announced that they will not do any kind of show without honorarium! I hope they will also announce— 

1.    From now on, part of the songs’ honorarium they will perform will be for lyricists, part for composers and part for co-artists! The artists themselves know that the song did not come out of thin air!

2.    From now on, do not give songs to any music company without receiving due honorarium! Do not use any lyrics or melody without proper honorarium! (Many new lyricists or composers will come to you in the hope of releasing a song, that's normal! But you will pay due respect to moral values! This is because, In the future you will perform this song on various shows in exchange for honorarium!)

3.    Do not claim a song to be your own while performing! You gave the voice! Maybe someone else wrote and composed the song! Please mention their names with respect!

4.    Think of the musicians! Make sure they get the honorarium they deserve! If it isn’t possible, don’t do that show! Stick to this policy!

5.    Now that you have announced, remember it for the rest of your life!

Most of the lyricists of the country have agreed with these five opinions of Julfikar Rasel. The list includes lyricist and musician Pritam Ahmed, Shafiq Tuhin, Milon Khan, Sheikh Rana, Rabiul Islam Jibon, Someshwar Oli, Saki Ahmed, Lutfar Hasan, Sagar Chowdhury, A Mizan, Faisal Rabbikin, Tareq Anando, Omar Faruk Bishal and others.