Luipa’s tribute to Nazrul

Popular musician of this generation Zinia Zafrin Luipa sang a song in 2017 dedicated to the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam for the YouTube channel of the popular TV channel 'Gaan Bangla TV'. 

The song was ‘Amar Aponer Cheye Apon Je Jon Ami Khuji Tare Aponay’. The song, which was released on 'Gaan Bangla TV' on September 7, 2017, was highly praised by the audience. 

The nine-minute and three-second song has since been performed on as many live shows as Luipa has performed on. And if there is any special program about Kazi Nazrul Islam, she has to perform this song there too. 

This time another of Nazrul's songs has been added to Luipa's music career. The song 'Parodeshi Megh' was released on September 27 on the same channel. Luipa has been flooded with praise since the 4 minutes and 45 seconds song was released. 

Everyone involved in the channel was very optimistic about this song which was released in the sixth season of 'Winds of Change'. 

Luipa herself was optimistic. Since the release of the song, Luipa has been acclaimed by the artiste’s family as well as by the countless fans at home and abroad. 

Regarding the song, Luipa said, “The privilege of being able to sing Nazrul music again in the organization of 'Winds of Change' is my biggest gift this Eid. And I don't know what to say to the two people who have put their trust in me. 

These two wonderful people are Kaushik Hossain Taposh and Farzana Munni. This song is my tribute in the month of Nazrul Jayanti. I remember, I was 5 months pregnant with Paira, my only child. 

I am very grateful to the audience who have expressed their love for me. I believe that the song Parodeshi Megh will also create more love in the minds of the listeners in the continuation of time.”