‘Language Movement explodes in independent conscience’

Former Governor of Bangladesh Bank and Bangbandhu Chair Professor of Dhaka University Dr. Atiur Rahman has said Language Movement exploded in an unrestrained conscience of freedom and the Nationalism of the Bangalees. The foundation of Bangalee nationalism was laid through the Language Movement and the epicentre of the Language Movement was the University of Dhaka. Teachers of the university also joined the movement

‘Language Movement explodes in independent conscience’ with the students and, at a stage, the movement rolled out into the highway. The then student of the Department of Law of DU Sheikh Mujibur Rahman also led the movement directly. 

Dr. Atiur Rahman was speaking as the chief speaker at a discussion meeting held in webinar entitled, ' Bahanno thekey Ekattor: Utsho thekey Mohonai' ( From 52 to 71: From the source to the confluence). Khulna University organised the function in observance of the the International Mother Language Day on Sunday. 

Presided over by Professor Dr. Hosne Ara, Acting Vice-Chancellor (Pro-Vice Chancellor) of KU, the function was addressed, among others, by Treasurer of the varsity Professor Sadhan Ranjan Ghose.

Key speaker Dr. Atiur Rahman further said, the conscience and influence of Language Movement of 1952, in fact, activated all the stages of movement like the Election of the United-front of 1954, Education Movement of 1962, Six-point Movement of 1966, Mass Upsurge of 1969 and the great Liberation of War of 1971. Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman directed all the movements directly. The War of Independence and the Libaration of Bangladesh was the result of these united movements, he added.  

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