Kurigram village police suffer without salary over 7 months

Published : 06 Feb 2023 08:54 PM

Over 120 village police personnel of Ulipur Upazila in Kurigram have been living an inhumane life with their families without getting salary allowance for 7 months. Due to non-payment of regular salaries, many children's education has stopped. Treatment of sick elderly parents is halted, they stated.

According to the sources of village police and UNO office, there are 120 village police personnel in 13 unions of the Upazila. Among them, there are 12 Dafadars and 18 Mohalladars. Dafadar gets 7 thousand and Mohalladar gets 6 thousand 500 taka per month. Half of the total allowance is paid by the government and the remaining half from the Upazila Parishad revenue sector. Even though the government share of half of the total salary is regularly received, the remaining allowance of the Upazila Parishad is outstanding for 7 months, so the village police members are living an extremely inhumane life with their families.

Mostafizar Rahman, village police of Gunaigach Union, said, we do not get the allowance of the UP portion from 7/8 months. It has become very difficult to run our household. We get little salary and not regularly. We cannot treat parents properly, cannot send our children to school, can't give them clothes. We have to be busy day and night. Sometimes the chairman calls, sometimes the UP members call, once in a while, the police station calls and sometimes UNO sir also calls for us. We are in a lot of trouble for not getting the salary.

Sachin Chandra, President of Village Police Union, said that he is getting allowances from the government sector regularly. However, he is not getting the share of revenue sector of Upazila Parishad since 7 months. As a result, they and their families have suffered greatly without getting regular allowances.

General Secretary of Village Police Union Shah Alam Sarkar said, We are government employees, the government is doing all the work with us, we are also doing all the work from birth registration to death. I perform my duties in the Union Parishad, attend the police station and go to roll call at the UNO office while I try to go on time wherever I am called and do those tasks. He also said that the government has recognized that our forces will get a fair amount of money from performing our duties, will be involved on a national scale, yet we have not been involved. We have filed a writ and received the judgment of the writ. It has been effective since 2011 but it has not been implemented till date. We are living in a lot of difficulty without even getting the equal salary since 7 months.

  Upazila Nibarhi Officer Shobhan Rangsa said that there is an allowance for the government part. If Upazila administration do not have money for UP part, where will the administration give it from? As there is a market lease in front. Upazila Administration will give the Union Parishad money.