Kudos to the SSC examinees

Students show a satisfactory outcome

The results of this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations under 11 education boards have been published and they show a satisfactory 82.87 percent pass rate which is a 0.67 percent higher than the previous year. 

Although the increment in pass rate doesn’t seem to be that high, it shows that the students of this year were as good as those of the previous years. This is an achievement for the entire country. 

The results were published amidst the epidemic of the covid-19 which has affected the lives of over 44,000 people. However, the families who are connected with the examinees have undoubtedly found a patch of happiness and assurance in these trying times.

We hope that the new  secondary-level students will 

be able to move on with their education in colleges 

of their choices as per the rules set by the government

The education minister has shared her thoughts after the results were published online. According to her, a total of 1,690,523 students out of 2,040,028 have successfully passed the SSC and equivalent exams this year. 

Among the 11 boards, Rajshahi has been able to secure the top spot with the highest pass rate of 90.37 percent. We hope that this impressive outcome will encourage the future students to be extra diligent towards their studies and follow in the steps of their seniors.

Other than that the Madrasa Education Board recorded a success rate of 82.51% and Technical Education Board 72.7%. The students of these boards have also shown a remarkable progress in their respective fields.  

Apart from that, the festive atmosphere that would take place amongst students, parents and relatives from sharing of sweets of success has been dampened this year because of the coronavirus. Still we hope that the new secondary level students will be able to move on with their education in colleges of their choices as per the rules set by the government.