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Korean ambassador visits NIANER

Published : 07 Sep 2021 09:52 PM | Updated : 09 Sep 2021 12:02 PM

Korean Ambassador Lee Jang-keun visited the NIANER on Monday and expressed appreciation to the nurses and frontline health workers for their sacrifices and devotion to treating Covid-19 patients risking their own health.

NIANER, National Institute of Advanced Nursing Education & Research in Bangladesh, established in 2016 with the support of the Korean Government is playing a crucial role in Bangladesh’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by educating and training qualified nurse leaders.

The NIANER, first proposed to Korea during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Seoul in 2010, was formally inaugurated in May 2018 with the presence of the Prime Minister.

The project was executed by the KOICA, Korea International Cooperation Agency, development agency under the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between 2012-2019 with total project cost of 13.75 million US dollars.

The NIANER, with the mission of developing nurse leaders in the area of nursing practice, education, research and management to promote health of all people of Bangladesh, has produced so far 124 high-skilled nursing leaders with 114 students under training.

Faculty members of the Institute are regularly invited to Korea for nursing leadership training and so far 32 faculty members received faculty training in Korea.Among them 3 faculty members received PhD degree in Korea.

Korean Government, through KOICA, also provided the NIANER with COVID-19 PPEs and emergency food package worth of 440 thousand US dollars in 2020.

NIANER is also holding various activities such as hosting international nursing conference and nursing seminars and publishing Journal of South Asian Nursing.

The Institute also operates three Centers: Community Nursing Center, Teachers Training Center and Research Center.

Health sector is one of the priority areas of Korea’s development cooperation with Bangladesh.

Bangladesh-Korea Friendship Hospital was established in Savar 1998 with Korea’s assistance. Last year an Eye Care Unit was added to the Friendship Hospital with Korean support. BSMMU Super Specialized Hospital is now under construction with the support of Korea’s soft loan, EDCF, amounting to 277 million US dollars, the embassy said.