Kishoreganj passengers hostage to transport owners’ syndicate

Published : 08 Nov 2022 08:38 PM

Passengers held hostage by syndicate of bus owners in Kishoreganj. This syndicate, which grew up under the shelter of multiple political parties, is becoming reckless day by day. Due to the umbrella of political leaders, it has become difficult to implement the rules in this sector, the concerned authorities feel.

According to the sources of victims and local residents, Ananna Super and Jatayat Paribahan travel on Kishoreganj-Syedabad (Dhaka) route. Ananaa Paribahan, Ananaa Classic and Uzanbhati go to Mohakhali from Kishoreganj. Due to the syndicate of these transport owners, the owner association does not grant permission to run any other bus. 

Various transport companies in the district have expressed their interest in introducing better quality bus services, but due to the obstruction of the District Road Transport Owners Association, bus services cannot be started. As a result passengers are forced to suffer from low quality buses and services.

Passengers complain that these buses are almost ancient, which does not provide any comfort or service. The bus seats are so narrow that when one sits down, his or her knees get stuck to the seat. Along with this, there is additional passenger pressure. Drivers are also reckless. When a passenger raises his hand, he stands anywhere. As a result the buses do not reach the destination on time. Although the normal travel time is three and a half to four hours, the buses take seven to eight hours due to picking up passengers and stopping the buses. Apart from this, the passengers have to suffer every day due to the misbehavior of the driver's assistants.

Municipality resident Rajon said, 'I am coming to Kishoreganj in eight and a half hours from Sayedabad. As long as I was in the bus, I was in hell. When will I get rid of this pain?'

According to Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) information, around 450 buses and minibuses operate on various routes in Kishoreganj. Among them, the number of non-fitness buses is 27 and the number of minibuses is 18.

According to the investigation, the bus companies owned by the influential of various affiliated organizations are monopolizing. Upazila's road transport is also their rampage. Easy registration of vehicles, fitness and route permits are met in the activities of political leaders. Hundreds of vandalized buses are still running.

Aggrieved passengers claim that the distance from Ekrampur and Gaital to Dhaka's Mohakhali bus terminal via Kapasia is 110-112 km. But the bus owners are keeping rent for 130 km. The distance from Gaital bus stand to Syedabad is 130 km but the bus owners claim it is 153 km.

Businessman Syed Yachin said, 'Kishorganj-Dhaka fare is determined based on the chart, worry is there. The strange thing is that the local administration and BRTA authorities are sitting with their mouths shut without fixing it or solving this controversy.

District Judge Court Senior Adovcate Mir Sattar Uddin said that the transport sector is a hostage to the owner association. 

Various transport companies have expressed their interest in introducing better quality bus services, but due to the obstacles of the association, it is not happening.

Gaital Bus Terminal former Joint Convener Rajib Ahmed Asad said, "The fare from Kishoreganj to Sayedabad is Tk 360 and Mohakhali is Tk 320, but the quality of the car is not good. On the other hand, the fare from Kishoreganj to Mymensingh is Tk 150. We want better quality bus service. Let the quality of service increase.

District Road Transport Owners Association Convener Helal Uddin Manik said, 'Efforts are underway to increase the quality of passenger services. Hope the quality will increase very soon.BRTA Assistant Director Md. Bakhtiar Uddin said, "We regularly conduct mobile courts. Due to the manpower crisis, there is some problem.