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Keanu BRZRKR comic movie script teased in new images

Published : 02 Jul 2022 08:00 PM

Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR movie adaptation is coming along smoothly with new images of its script. The original comic book series was created by the John Wick star along with co-writer Matt Kindt, best known as the creator of the spy comics MIND MGMT, with Marvel veteran Ron Garney pencilling the comics and Bill Crabtree inking and coloring. BRZRKR centers on its titular half-mortal/half-God who wanders through the centuries struggling with his compulsion for violence and is offered the chance by the US government to learn the truth of his existence and how to end it in exchange for fighting their battles.

Published in March 2021 by Boom! Studios, BRZRKR scored largely positive reviews for its compelling narrative, central character, blood-soaked action and artwork.

Just weeks after it first hit shelves, it was revealed that Netflix was partnering with Reeves and Boom! Studios to adapt BRZRKR into both a live-action film and an anime series with the co-creator set to lead both projects, the latter of which would act as a sequel to the movie. This past October would bring word that Project Power and The Batman alum Mattson Tomlin was hired to pen the script for the BRZRKR movie and now audiences are getting a little tease of how it's coming along.

Some eight months after he was confirmed to be aboard the project, Mattson Tomlin took to Twitter to offer an update on the BRZRKR movie adaptation. The writer offered a tease of a page of the script for the Keanu Reeves' comic book movie, while also expressing his excitement at getting to pen the script for the adaptation.  

Though Tomlin's script page smartly keeps much of the film under wraps, his excitement at the progress being made on the BRZRKR movie is sure to build anticipation amongst both fans of the comic and Reeves. -Collider