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Kay Kraft brings smart casual shirts, waistcoat for mild winters

Published : 21 Jan 2023 05:25 PM | Updated : 21 Jan 2023 05:26 PM

Smart casual shirt

There are many ideas about what will look good in boys' fashion and suitable clothing in mild winters. But not just clothes, but the right clothes to make your own style statement. Among the clothes, the shirt is ahead in this case.

There is a constant change in the cutting, pattern, design and the difference in the fit. Therefore, casual shirts are the first choice for men of all ages, apart from the youth, to get a casual look in terms of fashion.

Contemporary arts, checks, Stripes

There are also some classic checks and stripes that will make jeans classier, and even go well with gabardine or formal pants. The trend of casual shirts will always remain in fashion.

Kay Kraft brings you slim and comfort fitted smart casual shirts made of cotton, linen, rayon fabric that are weather friendly and comfortable.

Koti (Waistcoat)

Another favorite among the winter wear is the waistcoat or Koti. Punjabi has always occupied a separate place in fashion throughout the years. And when it has to be worn in winters, it is becoming very popular to wear it with Punjabi in social and family events.

Apart from winter, it is also appreciated of any age from youth to men. In weddings or any party with Punjabi or any other outfit, Koti is just as stylish and comfortable.

Different types of prints, single colors Koti are available at Kay Kraft this winter.

People can visit the showroom of Kay Kraft to choose their favorite smart casual shirt or waistcoat for. Kay Kraft products are also available at its online store.