JUST medical centre in crisis of doctors, medicine

Published : 27 Dec 2021 10:05 PM

Dr. M.R. Khan Medical Center of Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST) is plagued with various problems. There is no advanced medical equipment in the center. Moreover, there are only four doctors for about 4,500 students, teachers, officers, and staff. 

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deepak Mandal and Dr. Nurjahan have been on leave for a long time. Medical services for about 4,500 people are being provided by the other two doctors, students said.

Besides, there are various allegations against the management of the medical center. 

Students claimed that they were not getting the necessary medical services. There are also complaints of not having an adequate amount of medicines, not getting doctors timely. Students also claimed that they often face misbehavior from the medical staff members. The students also alleged that they were not being given any medicine except Cevite (vitamin C tablet).

Acting chief medical officer of Dr. M.R. Khan Medical Center, Dr. Nusrat Zaman, said, “I am acting in charge. In this case, I have many limitations. I was asked by the university administration to perform only routine duties. I was not authorised for any financial responsibility.”

“It is true that there is a crisis of medicine and doctors. But it is not true that medicine was not given to the students. We are trying to give as much as we can," she said.