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Judge turns down Amber’s plea to squash Depp’s lawsuit for 4th time

Published : 16 Oct 2021 08:32 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 10:30 AM

Around the same period last year, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were in the British courtroom where Depp was fighting a Libel trial against a British tabloid who labelled him a Wife-Beater. This was in reference to his alleged violent relationship with his former wife Heard. The fate wasn’t in the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ star’s favour and he lost it, losing many more things following that day. But that wasn’t the last time he was entering court to fight a case.

If you are unaware, Johnny Depp is still in a case and that is moving to the court this May. And this time around, he is again directly fighting with Amber Heard. The Pirates star sued Amber for $50 Million, accusing her of breaching the court’s order and writing an oped for a leading daily on her experience with domestic abuse pointing towards him.

While this was fresh, Amber Heard took her chance and counter sued Johnny Depp for $100 Million. She accused him of trying to tarnish her career by a social media campaign and also defamation. Now as we speak, the latest update has some news to offer from the court. 

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The two will be fighting in Fairfax County, Virginia in mid-2022 (May precisely). As per reports, Amber Heard tried to convince the court to overthrow Johnny Depp’s case before it goes to court. As per Heard’s lawyers, the claim has been already proved in the UK court. But turns out Fairfax County Judge Penney Azcarate has disagreed.

As per Azcarate, the laws of Libel according to the British court are too different from the US, and squashing Johnny Depp’s case could only set a very wrong precedent for the future. This means Johnny and Amber Heard are all set to be standing against each other this coming May. Meanwhile, it is also probable that Elon Musk will be in standing in the court to testify, as per recent reports.   - We Got This Covered

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