Juba League plants tree at 120 edn institutions

Jubo League organised a tree plantation programme in Shariatpur on Wednesday. A total of 700 fruit, forest and medicinal trees were planted at 120 schools, colleges, madrasas and municipalities, union parishads and various places, Few days after the instruction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina regarding tree plantation, Jubo League Shariatpur district unit organised the tree plantation programme through planting different trees many areas.

Damuda Upazila Nirbahi Officer Murtaza Al Mueed, Principal of Government East Madaripur College University Md. Zahirullah, Damuda Upazila Awami League President Master Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Upazila Awami League Senior Vice President and Damuda Municipality Mayor Humayun Kabir Bachchu Uchail Al, were present on the occasion.

Damudya Upazila Juba League President BM Sattar said, "On the occasion of Mujib's centenary, our leader Hon'ble Prime Minister has asked everyone to plant at least three trees each." We are following her guidance accordingly. 

He added, “On the instructions of Alhaj Nahim Razzak MP, Member of Parliament for Shariatpur 03 constituency, President and General Secretary of Juba League, we planted trees (fruit, forest trees) on the roads / school establishments of different unions of Damudya Upazila.

Mayor of Damudya Municipality Humayun Kabir Bachchu Chayal said, “I thank them on behalf of the municipality and Upazila Awami League for the tree planting program undertaken by Damudya Upazila Juba League.”

Damudya Awami League President Master Kamal Uddin Ahmed said, “The program undertaken by the Upazila Juba League is a welfare-oriented work, for which we thank them on behalf of the Upazila Awami League.”

Damudya Upazila Executive Officer Murtaza Al Mueed said the government has undertaken a massive tree planting program on the occasion of Mujib's centenary and the Damudya Upazila Juba League has undoubtedly done a commendable job.