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JU impasse continues

Published : 02 Oct 2019 08:53 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 08:45 PM

A faction of teachers of Jahangirnagar University (JU) on Wednesday formed a human chain to protest the 'conspiracy and ongoing movement' against the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Farzana Islam. They formed the human chain under the banner of “Bangabandhu Shikkhok Parishad,” on the university’s Central Shaheed Minar premises at around 11:00am.

Meanwhile, protesters urged the platform “Jahangirnagar against corruption” to withdraw the strike called to demand resignation of the Vice Chancellor. Professor Ajit Kumar Majumder, president of the University Teachers’ Association said, "Movement and conspiracy are two things. There will be discussion if movement is placed. The discussion will solve the problem. If you conduct movement without discussion, it is a conspiracy.”

Professor Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, president of the “Bangabandhu Shikkhok Parishad” said “ The probe Committee is now inquiring the protestors’ demands, but they demanded the resignation of the vice-chancellor. This proves that there is a conspiracy behind this movement.” "We will not bow down to any irrational movement,” he added.

Professor Bashir Ahmed, general secretary of the Bangabandhu Shikkhok Parishad said, "A faction is conducting an irrational movement to disrupt development projects. No irrational movement will succeed in this university.” He expressed optimism that the agitators will realize their mistake soon and withdraw their movement.

Conducted by Professor Mohammad Alamgir Kabir, around hundred teachers including Professor AA Mamun, Professor Abdullah Hel Kafi, Professor Hanif Ali, Professor Rasheda Akhter, and Professor Ali Azam Talukder were present in the human chain. Meanwhile, protesters have called for a two-day strike and blockaded the administrative building in a pre-planned programme, under the banner of 'Jahangirnagar against corruption'. As part of the programme, they blockaded buses of JU on the Dhaka route on Tuesday night.

The protestors blocked the new and old administrative buildings of the university at 5:30 am. Due to the strike, most of the departments are closed. Officials and employees could not enter the office because of the blockade.