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JSC exams not likely this year

Published : 30 Jul 2021 09:14 PM | Updated : 31 Jul 2021 01:04 AM

Despite the decision to take SSC, HSC and equivalent examinations on three subjects in November and December this year, a growing uncertainty looms large over the completion of primary education, junior school certificate (JSC) and equivalent examinations and the school's annual examinations.

Meanwhile, the government has once again extended the closure of educational institutions till August 31. As a result, the chances of taking primary, JSC and school annual examinations are further lessened.

According to a source at the Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education, this year's JSC exams are unlikely to take place amid the current Corona situation. Because, first of all, there were no classes conducted in the classroom. Moreover, the preparations for this exam could not be taken.

On the other hand, an official of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said that no decision has been taken yet on whether the fifth-grade students will have the final examination of primary education.

But a headmaster at a government primary school in the capital said they had been asked to complete the student registration (DR) work. They have done it accordingly. The list of students enrolled in DR has been sent to the respective Thana Education Offices so that the examination can be taken. And if not, the certificate can be given on the basis of it.

These JSC and PSC tests were not taken last year either. Therefore, the students were promoted to the next class automatically.

The educational institutions of the country have been on a halt since March 17 last year due to the coronavirus surge. It was not possible to open the educational institutions even after planning more than once. There has been no class conducted in the classroom for more than 16 months.

On July 15 this month, Education Minister Dipu Moni announced plans for the SSC and HSC exams at a virtual press conference. On the same day, she further said that the decision on this year's JSC examination will be taken later.

JSC and equivalent examinations are conducted under the Boards of Secondary and Higher Education.

Regarding the JSC exam, Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education Chairman Nehal Ahmed recently told media that they have not yet received any decision from the ministry on whether this year's JSC exam will be held or not.

However, an official of the Ministry of Education, who did not want to be named, said that students of other classes in the schools, including JSC, may be given promotions through 'assignments'. 

However, these are preliminary thoughts, no final decision has been made yet.