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‘Jole Veshe Jay Jol’ by Aritro Das

A story of endearment of human beings

Published : 26 Nov 2021 09:02 PM

“So as organised to live with life, I don’t live with that life, live with mistake”- a quoting from a poem, written by Aritro Das who is a young Promising writer and poet of the present time. 

His new book – ‘Jole Veshe Jay Jol’ is about to be published this week. It will be available at Ekushey Book Fair- 2022, Online Bookshop and Kolkata International Book Fair as well. The book is published by Chandrabhuk and the cover is depicted by Shahadat Hossain.

The writer whose works on Bangali literature reflect his closeness to nature, endearment and upstream of human beings is admired with his cultural personality. Regarding the book, the author said, “Poetry is the tangible love of human beings. Friends can create distance, relatives can become strangers, relationships can become entangled, separation can turn away, establishment can turn away, success can jump from the palm of the hand to the abyss, love can depart like the drop of dews of the morning but poetry; Poetry never walks the path of division. It would not walk but poetry becomes dearest in hard times. In the shelter of poetry, man finds companionship even in the wounds of loneliness, finds immortality.”

Mentionable, Das's writings are popular among young generation as well as people loving literature. He was born in Barishal. He has been involved in writing for one decade and writes regular columns on national dailies. 

His notable books are Deepali (Novel), Somporker Sutoy (Novel) and Pratikriya (Essay). At the higher secondary level, he studied at Barisal Amrita Lal Dey College. He took his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the Department of law and justice at Jahangirnagar University.