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Recruitment processes postponed

Job market in a shambles

Published : 07 Aug 2020 09:43 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:19 PM

Recruitment processes at government and non-governmental organisations have come to a near standstill over the last five months, and with it, the future of the educated youths.

Since last March, various recruitment examinations including BCS, bank and private jobs have been postponed one after another for the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts and concerned authorities say that even if the situation turns normal, the job market will not return to its previous condition. The corona situation has taught us to understand how to work more with fewer people. 

They said those who are skilled in various jobs including information technology and have the mentality to do any kind of work, will not have to face difficulties in getting jobs in the future.

Abdullah Faysal, a former student of University of Chattogram who completed his post-graduation in 2017, told Bangladesh Post, “I took part in viva-voce of Al-Arafah Islami Bank in the first week of March. I was very hopeful to get the job. But, a few days later, the authority postponed the total recruitment process due to the pandemic.”

“Now, I am concerned about whether a new job circular will come this year. I am passing my days in deep frustration as my age limit to apply for a new job will expire by next year,” he added. 

It goes without saying that there is no notice for any new public-private job at this time. Coronavirus outbreaks are expected to reduce employment opportunities in the coming days. As a result, job seekers are suffering from extreme depression.

According to the recent report of Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the job market of Bangladesh, job advertisements in Bangladesh have reduced dramatically due to the impact of coronavirus. 

This year, job advertisements reduced by 35 percent in March and 87 percent in April, compared to those last year.

Besides, job advertisements declined by 95 percent in the education and readymade garments sector, 92 percent in the manufacturing industry, 81 percent in the health sector, 82 percent in information technology and 64 percent in private development sectors.

AKM Fahim Mashroor, chief executive officer (CEO) of BDjobs, the country’s largest job portal, said, “It seems that the year 2020 will not be too good for job seekers. Many companies are not hiring new workers; rather they are reducing manpower. As a result, the opportunity to get new jobs is becoming difficult for job seekers.”

“Compared to that last year, job advertisements on BDjobs reduced by 80 percent in April, 70 percent in May and 50 percent in June,” he added.

About the job market in the coming days, he said, “In the post-Corona period, job opportunities in companies like e-commerce, logistics, agriculture, food production will increase. However, the highly-educated people of our country are facing more problems due to the limited number of posts.”

It is known that more than 150 recruitment tests of government and non-government organisations have been postponed in the last five months following the outbreak of Covid-19.

The recruitment test for different posts at Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, the Cotton Development Board, the Directorate of Food Department, University Grants Commission (UGC) have been postponed.

Recruitments at several banks and financial institutions are also stuck for the pandemic. The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has postponed the 18th Teacher Registration Examination on May 15 and 16. 11 lakh 82 thousand candidates applied for the job.

Besides, a total of 12 examinations, including two BCS and 10 non-cadre examinations under the Public Service Commission (PSC), have been suspended due to coronavirus. There is no opportunity to conduct these tests until the situation is normal.

About the recruitment examination, PSC Chairman, Mohammad Sadiq said, “We have to take exams in schools and colleges across the country. But at present, it is not possible to conduct the test. As a result, we will have to wait until the situation returns to normal.”

There is always a session jam in the universities. After that, the job test in Corona has been postponed again. No new ads. As a result, the working age of many is crossing 30 years. We demand that the age limit for entering jobs should be 35 years, even if it is for the next three years

According to the data of the Ministry of Labor and Employment last year, the number of unemployed in the country is 26 lakh 77 thousand. Of these, the number of educated and semi-educated unemployed is 23 lakh 77 thousand and uneducated unemployed is 3 lakh. 

Among the unemployed, 10 lakh 43 thousand are educated, who passed higher secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate. The number of unemployed who have completed their studies at the university level is four lakh five thousand.