Job exam date clash

Proper guidelines needed to fix the problem

Published : 10 Oct 2021 09:19 PM | Updated : 11 Oct 2021 01:55 PM

As the coronavirus pandemic situation has improved remarkably in the country, different government and non-government organisations have started conducting recruitment examinations for the job seekers. But, as part of the recruitment process, these agencies took the written tests for the job seekers on the same date and same time, leaving many youths into uncertainty and undermining their efficacy as well. Therefore, appearing for written examinations has now become a problem for the job seekers.

On Friday, October 8, at least 14 organisations arranged written tests for the job seekers. Besides, on September 17, some 21 government and private organisations held examinations at the same time. As a result, a large number of educated youths, who applied for different jobs, had to choose to sit for only a single written test. 

A serious lack of coordination among the government 

and non-government agencies is depriving the qualified 

youths from taking part in the written test for different jobs

The job seekers expressing their utter dismay said that if the time of the written test did not clash they would take part in all examinations and prove their efficiency. A serious lack of coordination among the government and non-government agencies is depriving the qualified youths from taking part in the written test for different jobs. And, unfortunately, this lack of coordination is making the job seekers frustrated and demoralised.

Besides, a lion portion of qualified and brilliant youths are being left out of the job market. Considering the issue seriously, the employers or organisation that employs people, should refrain from conducting any recruitment examination on the same day and same time in order to facilitate jobseekers to take part in the recruitment tests of other organisations. And only coordination among the employers can confer advantages to the job seekers. 

The government and non-government’ policies on recruitment process must be streamlined so that the educated youths be able to take part in all written test. Keeping this problem in mind, the organisations should plan their written test schedule in advance and conduct separately. The authorities concerned should take 

immediate steps to overcome such difficult situation for the sake of the educated unemployed young people.

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