JnU students facing lift crisis

JnU correspondent

Jagannath University (JnU) operates 15 departments within the business academic building.  About eight thousand students from the 15 departments continue classes in this building. There are about 400 including teachers, officers, employees.  But only two lifts have been fitted for all those students, teachers, officers and staff. Of these, there is only one lift scheduled for eight thousand students which is extremely weak.  The rest is for teachers officers and staffs. Students are suffering because of this. Specially girl students suffer a lot.

 Also, due to the lack of crowds in the elevator of teachers, which is intended for the students, almost all the students go through that elevator.  Due to this, teachers have an uncomfortable situation among the students. 

Teachers are feeling annoyed with this.

The students complained that the students had to stand in front of the elevator for 5 to 20 minutes while climbing in this single elevator. Sometimes interruptions arose between seniors, juniors and many others.  Also, we cannot attend classes, exams in time. Often we are forced to get up to the 5 stairs without getting a lift in the elevator, which is very difficult for us.

According to university sources, there are different departments, classrooms up to the 8th floor of the business education building (new building) up to the 8th floor.  But there are only two lifts. One for students and the other for teachers.

 Sufia Khatun of the University's Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, said, "During the elevator, we always have to push, sometimes the boys want to get in the hurry so they get on the bike which is very annoying. We also feel very anxious to get in the lift with the boys."

Murad Hossain of the anthropology department said, "I can't get up in front of the elevator for 15 to 25 minutes. Due to delay in going to class, the teachers have to listen and the class is also absent.  Regarding the elevator, the chief engineer of the university, Selim Khan said, "Our two lifts are running tender for the remaining three, the work is out and the remaining three lifts will be launched in the next three months."