Jhenaidah prison takes new steps to make prisoners feel comfort

Published : 13 Aug 2022 08:11 PM

The people staying at the prison now can talk with their near and dear ones, even to the lawyers once a week staying at the district prison. It had brought satisfaction among the prisoners and family members both. It had eased the troubles of the prisoners and the family members said some of family members of a number of prisoners.

A Shailkupa resident in Jhenaidah said his son was suffering in Jhenaidah District Prison for last few years,. They had to spend huge money to see him in the prison for transportation, jail fees, fooding and other purposes. Now the matter was very simple for them to talk to the desired son as the prison authorities have arranged mobile phone for the prisoners free of cost.

A man hails from Jashore Kotwali police station said his son was suffering in the prisons for last few year s. The poor farmer was facing troubles when he or other family members had to see him in the prison. Now the son calls them once a week from the prison directly and talked about 10 minutes without any charge. Not only has that he talked to his lawyer staying in the prison, the guardian of the prisoner said.

A responsible official of Jhenaidah District Prison when contacted said the government had introduced free telephone conversation between the prisoners and their family members since the global havoc corona virus to avoid massive gathering in the prison. They have been using three mobile sets for the prisoners from where he or she can talk to the family members for highest 10 minutes a week. Not only that they even can contact to their respective lawyers for discussing their case.  

Not only the regular convicts, also the people suffering in some restricted cases, can talk to their near and dear ones, lawyers with the approval of the special branch (SB) officials. 

When asked about any untoward incident following the telephonic conversation by the prisoners, the official said they maintain a register where the names and address of the family members or lawyers are noted. It helps them to maintain discipline so that no prisoner could avail the facilities ignoring rules.

Regarding benefit of the prisoners or the family members, the prison official said that both the prisoners and their family members feel comfort when they contact once a week. 

They discussed their family matters, other relations and even the lawyers. It had reducing the transportation cost, prison charges or other charges of the guardians and reducing the pressure due to frequent visit on the prison authorities. 

The prison official said he witnessed that regular contact between the prisoners or the family members, the prisoners feel that this sort of life could not be desired for anyone in the prison. It also helps them avoid any quarrel of conflict in near future when the prison authorities share with them about their sorrows and pain and mention that the prison was a correction centre for them abide their loneliness from the families.