JFCL commercial manager suspended for ‘embezzling’ Tk 30 crore

Published : 02 Dec 2021 09:54 PM

Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) has suspended a commercial manager Wayesur Rahman for embezzling Tk 30 crore from Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited (JFCL), Asia’s largest urea fertilizer manufacturer.

According to a statement published from BCIC head office, Wayesur Rahman, a commercial manager of Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited, located in Tarakandi of Sarishabari upazila f Jamalpur, was found guilty of negligence, misconduct, incompetence, theft and embezzlement.

Preliminary evidence has been found in the investigation of the allegation of embezzlement of 20,000 Metric Tonnes of urea fertilizer worth about 30 crore 26 lakh 29 thousand 636 taka.

It is learned that on September 9 in 2021 instructions were given to investigate the allegation of embezzlement of 20,000 metric tonnes of urea fertilizer worth about Tk 30 crore that had the memo no. 02.4542.2021/182.

In view of that, a 6-member preliminary investigation committee was formed from the BCIC head office on September 26. The inquiry committee formed from the BCIC head office submitted a report to the higher authorities after conducting an on-the-spot investigation.

The BCIC Investigation Committee collected the statistics or stocks of fertilizers produced by JFCL on September 29, 2021 from him.

According to the written information document signed by him, the stock of bag fertilizer produced by JFCL as on September 29, 2021 was 37,574.70 metric tonnes and the amount of loose fertilizer was 51,866.70 metric tonnes.

However, on September 29, 2021, the BCIC investigation committee found 21,310.35 metric tonnes of bag fertilizer and 51,649.92 metric tonnes of loose fertilizer produced by JFCL on the spot.

In fact, 16,264.35 metric tonnes of bagged fertilizer produced by JFCL, 121.10 metric tonnes of SFCL fertilizer and 216.68 metric tonnes of loose fertilizer were produced and a total of 16,602.13 metric tonnes of fertilizer was not found. The monetary value of which is 23 crore 24 lakh 29 thousand 820 taka.

As the head of Sales, Wayesur is responsible for the deficient of fertilizer. According to the written information signed by him on September 29, 1,113.00 metric tonnes of KAFCO fertilizer stored in Godown No. 2 of JFCL, 121.10 metric tonnes of SFCL fertilizer and 2,708.00 metric tonnes of imported fertilizer were in stock.

No match was found in the actual calculation with the information given by him. In fact, a total of 2531,000 MT of fertilizers including 150,800 MT of imported fertilizer, 102,300 MT of KAFCO Fertilizer stored at JFCL were not found.

As the head of its sales branch, he is responsible for the deficit of 2531.00 metric tonnes of fertilizer. Wayesur has been accused of embezzling 19,133.13 MT of JFCL fertilizer.

In addition, the investigation committee formed from the head office of the BCIC JFCL 20,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer scams during the on-the-spot investigation of the investigation team as the head of the sales branch and allegations of misconduct in the calculations.

Despite repeated attempts of calling Wayesur on his phone, he could not be found.