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Ivy for environment-friendly N’ganj city

Published : 14 Sep 2021 09:19 PM

Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) has announced a budget of Tk 688.23 crore for the fiscal 2021-2022.The size of the budget this year is almost less figure about Tk 67 crore than previous year.

NCC Mayor Dr Selina Hayat Ivy announced the budget at a simple ceremony Ali Ahmad Chunka Auditorium on Bangabandhu road in the city on Monday (September 13). 

In the budget, she has stressed the need for developing infrastructures to save the Narayangaj city from environmental pollution.

In her budget speech, Dr Selina Hayat Ivy called upon the national and international financial institutions and funds, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Municipal Governance and Services Project (MGSP) and Annual Development Programme (ADP), to help infrastructural development in Narayangaj city to save the environment.

The budget proposed six hundred eighty eight crore twenty three lakh seventeen thousand and three hundred fifty six taka would be earned from revenue, development and other sectors. In the proposed budget, six hundred seventy seven crore forty nine lakh seventy three thousand and three hundred forty taka are fixed for expenditure. The surplus will stand ten crore seventy three lakh forty four thousand and sixteen taka. The size of the budget is less sixty seven crore fifty lakh twenty five thousand and seven hundred eighty eight taka than the last fiscal year.

Dr Selina Hayat Ivy announced the budget for sixth consecutive time. NCC’s Chief Executive Officer Abul Ameen, panel mayor Afroza Hasan Bibha and other councilors were present at the budget announcement ceremony. 

In a short presentation, Mayor Ivy expressed sorrow for their limitations due to the Covid-19 situation. She called upon the dwellers of the city to follow the health guidelines to save themselves from Covid-19, Chikungunya and Dengue.

The NCC Mayor she has given priority on infrastructural development, including bridge, culvert, drain and road construction and reconstruction. In the budget, she also touched the programmes for removing poverty and improving information and technology, education, health, removal of water logging in order to reform the city into a more developed city. She said that they need help from national and international financial organisations to save the environment in the city.