IT helps farm sector during pandemic

Utilise the advent of technology to its fullest

Agriculture in the country is overcoming numerous hurdles and growing better by degrees day by day. In the past two decades it was so crucial that people couldn’t properly irrigate their crop fields because of lack of electricity. But, gone are those days and in return there is usage of advanced technology to help with better harvest of crops and produces.

In the continuation there is ample use of Information Technology (IT) in the agricultural sector which goes on to facilitate the latter in overcoming impediments caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as the flood situation, as published in a report of this daily. 

The incorporation of IT along with smart technology is giving farmers an edge to help them become more efficient in producing their goods. These factors have become more and more common and are playing a greater role in aiding farmers on their fields for farm activities. 

The report also explicated that online markets and e-shops have played a big role in connecting consumers with the suppliers during the coronavirus epidemic. On the other hand, there is also special focus on farmers, who were worried about the price of sacrificial animals during the Eid-ul-Azha, but got fair prices by selling their cattle through online markets.

The incorporation of IT along with smart

 technology is giving farmers an edge to

 help them become more efficient 

in producing their goods

Besides, the government is also focussing on the development of ICT service sector and move the country towards ‘Digital Bangladesh’. This is highly laudable and presents new room for expanding the horizon of the farmers in finding out better ways to locate how they can utilise technology for their benefit.

In this regard, experts opine that initiatives have already been taken to utilize information technology in the agricultural production of the country from the very beginning. This is great and we welcome this because it gives us an opportunity to follow the world standards of agriculture and also become optimal in creating better ways of farming for our citizens.

Above all, in this age of fourth industrialisation, there is no other scope of getting ahead in time other than coping well with the need and demands of time. And this implementation of IT in agro-production is what we needed most to get better in agriculture.