Internet connection to remotest corners

The government has taken an initiative to provide internet to all the remote areas in the country aiming to implement ‘Vision 2021’. In doing so, the government has undertaken a project titled ‘Installing Information Technology Network at remote areas (Connected Bangladesh)’ to bring all the areas in Bangladesh under internet connection network, sources said.

A total of 8,106 kilometres optical cable would be needed to bring remote areas under the internet service. The authority concerned is already working on implementing the project, sources added. Under the project, optical fibre network will be installed in 772 remote union parishads in eight divisions of the country. To collect optical cable, the government needs to spend Tk 110.73 -crore for installing it at the remote areas.

Once it is implemented, about 25-30% of the population will directly get benefit from the project. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is working to develop information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure across the country in connection with implementing Vision 2021.

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) would execute the project in alignment with “Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh” goals. The Information and Communications Technology Department has taken to install ICT network in priority basis across the country.

The project aims to establish a permanent internet service to connect at all remote areas and expand the backbone network in the country which will play vital role in the economic growth. Sources said the executive committee of the national economic council (ECNEC) approved the project worth of Tk 476.7 crore which will complete by December this year. 

But the authority proposed to the planning commission to extend time for another two years to implement the project. The project could strengthen Union Digital Centres (UDCs), and connect offices, schools and colleges from rural areas.