Internet and devices for all students

Ensure proper digital learning access in the rural areas

A grim scenario that is being seen since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country is the amount of social divide that has been brought before the people. Only the students who have smart phones or digital devices and internet connections are being able to take advantage of the online classes, leaving behind those from poor families at a disadvantaged position.

But the government was not just sitting around doing nothing. In a recent report published in this daily it was projected that the Ministry of Education is planning to introduce online education for all students of secondary and higher level in addition to its remote learning programme through government-run television. 

Also, it is laudable that in order to ensure online education for all students, the ministry moved to provide internet facilities for free or at a low cost for educational activities and the poor students with digital devices. 

The initiative of introducing low-cost 

internet and devices will bring about 

a positive change for the students

These two steps will surely help those disadvantaged in the rural areas due to lack of proper internet facilities to have an equal chance with the students who are in a better position in the towns and cities.

Already, the government is running a distance-learning programme through Sangsad Television. The initiative of introducing low-cost internet and devices will bring about a positive change for the students.

Experts opine that some 85 to 90 percent of students have access to mobile device. So, efforts are being made to taken an initiative on how to provide the rest of them with devices. There are also steps being taken to find out how and in which ways digital learning can engage cent percent students. 

Still there is a tendency among students to not be willing to attend online classes, the reasons being the inability to use high speed internet, high cost, poor speed and not having Smartphones or laptops. 

Even though modern students these days are apt in technology and get better facilities in the capital, the case is not so similar in the rural areas. Let a better and cheaper connectivity be created around the country through internet where no student suffers.