International Mother Language Day today

Live up to its full spirit

Today we pay homage to the language martyrs who had laid down their lives in defence of our mother tongue on this very same day in 1952,  Such sacrifice of lives to establish right to a people's mother tongue is rare in history. 

No other nation in the world has ever sacrificed their lives in such a way as Bengali people did to defend their mother language. Certainly their sacrifice did not go in vein as it was their call to the Bangalis to stand up for their right which ultimately led to the birth of Bangladesh through the 1971 Liberation War. 

Hence, it is plausible that when world leaders wanted to select a day as a Mother Language Day, their choice would be February 21. 

We must strive to preserve the dignity of 

the Bangla language as well as all other 

languages of this land 

It needs no emphasising that language creates a sense of patriotism and nationalism in people's mind. The Mother Tongue signifies the very existence of a nation and the Language Movement of this country is a testament to this fact.  In the name of Islam, the erstwhile Pakistani government denied the existence of Bangla language but they did not realise the power of language. 

We must strive to preserve the dignity of the Bangla language as well as all other languages of this land in order to uphold the spirit of what “Ekushey” stands for.  Also, we must not forget that  the best way to pay the language martyrs their due respect is by establishing a society based on freedom and equality.