Initiative to invest in environment and social business launched

An initiative to increase investment in the country’s environment and social business sectors has been launched.

Three organizations jointly launched the programme titled ‘Biniyog Briddhi (B-Briddhi), Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh’ from their respective offices through video conferencing by opening new a website on Thursday.  They are German-based financial consultancy firm-Roots of impact (RoI), Bangladesh’s commercial consultant firm LightCastle Partners (LCP), and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Derek George, Deputy Director of SDC; Bjoern Struewer, founder and CEO of RoI; and Bijon Islam, CEO of LCP, inaugurated the programme, which was attended by entrepreneurs, investors, start-up accelerators and incubators.

The four-year programme is aimed at increasing capacities of inesvtors and entreprenuers for dealing with social business and environmental issues.  

The investors and entrepreneurs, who will play positive role in facing environmental problems as well as improving the condition of the backward people, will get financial assistance under the programme.     

It may help improve the condition of backward people along with facing environmental challenge.

Under the programme, initially applications will be accepted from entrepreneurs and investors through the website—

Applicants have been requested to visit the website for detailed information.