Indian truck drivers entering Bangladesh without medical test

Indian Truck drivers and helpers have been entering Bangladesh using Benapole Land port with imported goods without being tasted for coronavirus till now. 

However, the passport holding passengers coming from India are being tested for Coronavirus at Benapole International Check post. Since the news of the virus being found in India, many have raised question about the possibility of the virus spreading to Bangladesh through them. 

Health Officer of Benapole Health Complex Dr. Bichitra Mollick said, the truck drivers and helpers will also be provided with checkups if necessary. On average, 6 to 7 thousand passport holding Indian passengers travel through Benapole International Check post every day. 

In addition, conscientious advice is also being given. The health department working at Benapole Check post has completed the Corona virus examination of 5 thousand 536 foreign nationals in the last 14 days.

Nevertheless, every day 5 to 7 hundred Indian trucks are entering the country with imported goods using the port. Therefore, 1000 to 1200 Truck drivers and helpers enter the port. 

Indian truck driver Karthik Das said that even after entering Bangladesh with the truck, there was no health checkup facility and there is no checkup system in Indian side of the border either. 

Benapole Health Officer Dr. Bichitra Mallick said the medical team is working at the check post to prevent coronavirus from entering Bangladesh being directed by the government and the health department. The medical team is working continuously, she added.  

Foreigners from different countries including China also enter the country through this land port every day. The Indian drivers and helpers are still out of the range of medical test somehow.  Deputy Director of Benapole Land Port Abdul Jalil said, "Instructions will soon be given to Indian truck drivers for health check-ups before entering Bangladesh.