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Increase in Umrah flights during Ramadan urged

Published : 27 Mar 2022 10:22 PM | Updated : 28 Mar 2022 02:16 PM

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has requested to Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry for increasing the number of Biman's flight during Ramadan to ensure smooth Umrah performance Bangladeshi pilgrims.

The letter, signed by Religious Affairs Ministry Secretary SM Moniruzzaman, said Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudia Airlines need to increase the number of flights to ensure smooth carrying of Hajj pilgrims to and from Saudi Arabia during the upcoming Hajj season. 

In previous years, Umrah passengers could be given the opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia as transit passengers on flights to other Middle Eastern countries. The letter also urged other Saudi Arabian airlines to operate flights between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. 

The letter also said that since August last year (2021), pilgrims of the country have been able to perform Umrah after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19. After a long time, a large number of Umrah pilgrims from Bangladesh are likely going to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah this year. Due to the pandemic, the movement of expatriate Bangladeshis working abroad was also restricted for flying for a long time.

It further said that before the Coronavirus pandemic, Bangladeshi Umrah pilgrims could travel to Saudi Arabia on transit flights from other countries in the Middle East. However, after the start of the Covid-19 situation, Umrah passengers from Bangladesh can only travel to and from Saudi Arabia on Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. As a result, the number of passengers flying to Saudi Arabia has increased, while the number of flights has decreased. That is why it is now difficult to get a plane ticket. Ticket prices have risen due to the air ticket crisis.

More devotee Muslims in Bangladesh travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan than other months. As Umrah pilgrims have not been able to travel to Saudi Arabia for the past two Ramadan seasons, there is a growing interest in performing Umrah this year. In this context, due to the insufficient flight of the airliner, there is uncertainty as to whether all Umrah pilgrims wishing to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan will be able to go to Saudi Arabia, the letter said.

In this situation, it has been requested to increase the number of flights for the Umrah pilgrims and the Hajj pilgrims in the coming Hajj season for the smooth departure and return to Saudi Arabia.

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