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imo’s new ‘Family Guard’ feature to ensure safe digital connectivity

Published : 28 Sep 2022 10:25 PM

Enabling users to enjoy digital connectivity in a safe manner, instant audio/video call and messaging app imo has recently rolled out a unique feature, “Family Guard,” to strengthen the security and privacy protection system. The feature allows imo users to protect their close ones from security risks as well as be protected by their close ones from threats. Once the guarded imo account encounters unusual activities, the guardian user will receive safety alerts. This way, the guardian can help protect the account owner from unexpected attempts.

Unsufficient awareness of cybersecurity is prevalent among lots of people in Bangladesh, especially among the elderly. Adding to that, not everyone is good at using technology and digital devices. This is where imo comes in with the “Family Guard” feature to assist everyone. When the guarded account encounters unusual activities such as log-in attempts, changed phone numbers, or deleted accounts from an unfamiliar device and/or from an unfamiliar location, the guardian will receive safety alerts to help deal with these potential risks on time. Once the guardian receives a security alert, they can click “Remind Friend” to send an instant message on imo or contact the owner privately to make sure the account is secured. Using this feature, imo users can easily and conveniently protect their loved ones from cyber-attacks and online scams.  

It is also mentionable that imo is the first instant communication platform to launch this kind of security feature in Bangladesh, indicating that imo puts security in the highest regard.

Moreover, taking users’ safety requirements to the next level, soon imo will launch another feature, “Disappearing Message,” to allow users to automatically delete private messages with others on the platform after a specific duration which they can set in advance. This feature applies to specific chats, as well as new chats with all new friends or all friends. Imo launched this feature to provide comprehensive privacy protection to users so that private messages cannot be leveraged in a negative way.