Illegal gas lines to go within Mujib Year

Irregularities must be stopped

Bangladesh being rich in natural gas has a positive standing in the global arena. However, even though there is a sufficient supply of gas in the country there are still areas where cylinder gas needs to be used. This necessity is mainly because of the numerous unscrupulous people who leech off of the country’s resource illegally and make profits.

A report published in this daily showed that the Energy and Mineral Resources Division has taken an initiative to disconnect all illegal gas connections in the country within the Mujib Year, which will end on March 16, 2021. This is a great initiative which, if implemented, can be a gift for the people in this special year. We highly appreciate this step to curb irregularities in the gas sector.

We need  to set an example to stop illegal gas connections 

and bring those involved in the misdeed to justice by taking 

strict action against such corruption and  irregularities

The illegal gas lines cause problems like low pressure and hence the residential areas are often deprived of supply. When such illegal gas business goes on, the government is also deprived of the revenue which is a loss for the tax-paying people as well. It is thus imperative that proper measures are taken to fully stop the illegal gas lines.

On the other hand, there is a tendency to describe the corruption by the government companies in the energy sector as ‘systems loss’. Due to dishonest officials of these companies, a huge amount of money is being embezzled. But no effective measures are being taken against this corruption. We need to set an example to stop illegal gas connections and bring those involved to justice by taking strict action against such corruption and irregularities.