Illegal constructions unabated in the capital

Demolish vulnerable buildings in no time

It is disconcerting to note that no visible progress has been made in demolishing buildings identified as 'very risky’ in capital Dhaka. On top of that, authorities concerned including Rajuk and the two city corporations have remained silent in this regard.

With large number of vulnerable buildings and establishments in the city and its adjacent areas, we fear many dwellers will have to meet the tragic end of their lives if a strong earthquake hits the capital Dhaka.

Despite the burning issue that is still being discussed widely, there is also no solution yet for what to do with the risky buildings.

As these buildings were not built in compliance with the [safety] rules and regulations, they continue putting people’s lives at risk.

We hope that illegally constructed 

and risky buildings will be demolished 


In this regard, we think the government must take the issue seriously and go for immediate action against the structures flouted the building code and their owners.

The latest three-storey building collapse on Friday in Maddha Charail Playground area of Keraniganj adjacent to capital Dhaka left at least seven people injured.  This was constructed on a pond without permission from the authorities. Reportedly, at least 321 buildings identified as risky in the city are still posing a serious threat to lives of thousands of dwellers living there as the two city corporations and Rajuk still have not been able to decide whether they would go for demolition or not.

There is no denying that the capital cannot be transformed into a risk-free locality overnight but an initiative can be taken immediately.  We hope that illegally constructed and risky buildings will be demolished immediately by launching an eviction drive. In this regard, we are calling upon the local lawmakers, all political influential and people from all walks of life to force the authorities concerned to launch a demolition drive to save the lives from catastrophe that may take place anytime. Also, the government should take necessary steps to ensure proper and safe rehabilitation of the occupants of those risky buildings.