ICT plays vital role during pandemic

Still a lot to be done to upgrade our digital performance

It needs no mentioning that The ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative of the ruling Awami League is paying off in the time of Covid-19 crisis. It is good to note that the change in people's internet usage pattern, which was supposed to take place in the next few years, is taking place now because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

With the creation of the ICT backbone, it has been possible to run offices, courts, medical services, educational institutions, businesses and other activities during the covid-19 pandemic. A strong ICT infrastructure, built during the last 12 years, has enabled people to continue office work, businesses, educational institutions and health services during the COVID-19 situation. Moreover, a large young population, and high rate of internet penetration have made Bangladesh a potential market for global e-commerce giants in recent years.

Still there are  many long-term challenges in upgrading 

the digital  performance  of Bangladesh, 

especially in the areas of spending on research and development

Over the last 12 years the incumbent government has successfully reinvigorated the country’s ICT sector. An array of schemes has been incorporated by the government’s ICT wing to take the country’s ICT sector to the level of the first world countries.  We have introduced newer and efficient ways for our foreign workers to send remittance back to their homeland. There is no doubt that these initiatives are impressive but compared to most industrialised nations of the world we are still in the early stages, and there is still a lot to be done to materialize the dream of a Digital Bangladesh.

Still there are many long-term challenges in upgrading the digital performance of Bangladesh, especially in the areas of spending on research and development and increasing the availability of skilled professionals in science and technology. 

Therefore, the government should address these issues in order to reinforce the efficiency of the country’s ICT sector.